If you’re planning to get an OEM partner for your own private label pet food, you should know something about the pet food processing technologies available out there. Are these adaptive enough for your needs? While this blog article isn’t exhaustive, our aim is to give you a heads up to help you decide which way to go. A comprehensive research is still advised. 

Drivers of change 

Today’s competitive pet food market has seen the proliferation of specialized recipes and formulas geared towards specific breeds or addressing particular needs. Such niche products call for equipment that does more than just drying or cooling. Another driver is the strict standards for pet food safety. With the recent DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs attributed to grain-free dog food, for sure, pet food safety standards will come up with new rules. These two drivers alone are enough for pet food manufacturers to level up their manufacturing processes.  

Processing that is adaptive and flexible 

A Petfoodprocessing.com article quotes an industry expert that because “processors develop more sophisticated products and complex recipes, they (manufacturers) typically need an extruder that provides intensive mixing (both dispersive and distributive), with specific shear rates and mechanical energy input. This can only mean that pet food processing must be adaptive and flexible. 

That being the case, pet food processing needs equipment to keep up with the ever-changing market demands. Processing equipment should more than just drying or cooling. This should be a matter of importance for anyone who wants to get into contract manufacturing to get his private label pet food brand going. 

Adaptive technologies 

Multitasking is the order of the times. If people can do it, why not machines? According to Petfoodindustry.com, “all equipment must be prepared to do multiple jobs, and do them well, to accommodate today’s pet food formulations.”  

The same article quotes another industry expert, saying that the demands for smart and adjustable solutions adding a new layer of versatility and increasing the final product quality are gaining in importance, and are the latest trend in industrial technology development. 

Technological advancements 

With everyone being environmentally conscious, carbon footprint for these processes needs to be minimized or eliminated. Some drying equipment are already doing this. Some also have easy access to the equipment’s interiors for easy inspection and maintenance. There are even drying equipment that can handle high-meat moisture levels and grain-free formulations. 

One of the few manufacturers that is technologically-advanced is Addiction Foods. Their processing equipment is able to include very high levels of fresh meat injection through a unique extrusion process that makes their pet food high in protein and extraordinarily palatable.  

As mentioned earlier, you need to do thorough research on what processing equipment is being used by your prospective OEM partner. Your premium private label pet food brand deserves the best. 

Partner with us and learn more about how Addiction Food’s private label service can help you and your brand break into the Asia Pacific market, especially China. Start your journey now! 

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