Pet owners are constantly on the look-out for protein options for their pets, and because of this, manufacturers need to explore more ways to engage their clients and to address this need. 

Raw, dehydrated pet food is one of these food options.  

Having been around for years, raw, dehydrated food offers a few advantages compared to other forms of pet food, on the account of their nutritional value, convenience to prepare, and overall impact to a customer’s pets. 

Likewise, in the past five years, sales of raw pet food jumped from US$64 million in 2013 to US$195 million in 2017, enough for manufacturers and retailers to take notice. 

What is raw, dehydrated food? 

Raw dehydrated pet food is literally raw proteins and vegetables mixed together.

During the production process, these are placed in an oven at 70°C (158°F) and baked for seven hours to pasteurize and dehydrate the ingredients.  

Since it is not cooked at a temperature higher than 70°C (158°F), most nutrients of its raw ingredients are retained in the process. 

Why do we dehydrate raw food? 

Dehydrating pet food is essential in preventing spoilage and the growth of microorganisms. This also lengthens the pet food’s shelf-life. 

However, if very high temperature is used, raw ingredients will likely lose their nutrients.  

Since the process only involves drying the ingredients at 70°C, this temperature is enough to kill microorganisms present in the raw materials, and yet still allows the raw ingredients to retain their nutrients. 

Raw dehydrated food is also a fully-balanced meal on its own, as a treat, or as a topper in addition to kibble. Given its compactness, consumers find it easy to pack for camping and hiking, or for other outdoor activities.  

What is the Addiction Foods difference? 

 According to Addiction Foods’ Animal Nutrition and Formulation specialist Mary Bridgette Zayas, during drying, raw dehydrated food is gently processed to ensure that the nutrients from the raw materials are retained, and since it is high in meat, it is still bursting with flavor.  

This makes Addiction Foods’ raw, dehydrated pet food both nutritious and palatable for pets, and for manufacturers to consider as a great product to start their private label brand. 

All Addiction Foods’ products undergo quality inspection every 30 minutes. This means that raw ingredients remain safe throughout the drying process, and each batch is tested through nutritional analysis, to ensure that all products are of high standards and will be well-loved by pets. 

Here’s a rundown of Addiction Foods Private Label’s available services.  

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By offering pet owners more choices that will make decision-making easier, including which type of food they give their pets, manufacturers can improve their reach by showing consumers that there is more than one way to feed their pets. 

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