Create a diverse product range of dry or raw-dehydrated foods and dozens of styles of extruded treats.
As the #1 dry pet food manufacturer in New Zealand, we offer an exceptional range of production capabilities. We aim to foster long-term manufacturing and distribution partnerships with startups and leading brands, both domestic and abroad.


Addiction will pair you with a dedicated nutritionist to select from over 200 raw ingredients, including wild or free-range meats that are free from growth hormones and steroids. Our entire team will assist you in the formulation process from start to finish, creating the highest-quality pet food from sources we know and trust.


Recipe development is among the most crucial steps whether seeking to reformulate with a new pet food manufacturer or launch a new brand entirely. Our team of experienced food technologists and nutritionists will assist you in developing the formula your brand needs to stand out. Your dedicated team will ensure you achieve the desired formulation including ingredient panel, shapes, texture, and palatability.


With our advanced packaging lines, we can assure you that your products will be placed in safe, secure, and accurately weighed packaging materials during production. Addiction’s Private Label Service operates under the strictest hygiene standards, from receipt of packaging to palletizing for shipment, in order to ensure the quality and safety of your products.
Addiction’s team is committed to staying on top of key industry trends, including the latest developments in packaging. This ensures your product reaches the marketplace in the most modern and cost-effective packaging available. Currently, we offer standardized packaging in the following bags: 4 oz (0.1 kg), 2 lbs (0.9 kg), 3 lbs (1.3 kg), 4 lbs (1.8 kg), 15 lbs (6.8 kg), 20 lbs (9.0 kg), 33 lbs (15 kg).
If you have any specific packaging requirements, please forward those details to our team in the early stages of our partnership. We will assist you in developing a packaging solution that meets your needs.
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