2020 is fast approaching and as a private label, you’re looking forward to what opportunities are there for your business. You have to be abreast with what’s trending and current. Especially how technology plays into it all. Here’s what’s in store for the US market in the coming year. 

Omnichannel operations 

Pet food sellers online have realized that brick-and-mortar stores still matter. Brick-and-mortar stores realize the value of having an online channel for their products. With this scenario, the dynamics between online and brick-and-mortar are being used to its full potential. An example of which is PetSmart’s acquisition of Chewy.com. Other big-box retailers are doing the same. 

Products vetted by vets 

Products with obvious health and safety benefits for pets will proliferate the market, thanks to tie-ins between manufacturers and veterinarians when it comes to research and development, and end-user support. This makes the products, be they cat food or dog food, more credible for the end-consumer. 

Subscription service for products and services  

Programmed or scheduled replenishment of pet food products via delivery, and other services with a monthly or annual subscription, will continue to deliver and thrive. Note that some pet food brick-and-mortar stores have already customized pet food delivery service.   

Smartphone apps as a tool for selling 

As an added value, smartphone apps will be used by either the product manufacturer, the pet care service providers, or vendors to reach their market. Just imagine, Addiction Foods has a smartphone app that links the end-user to other pet care service providers or vendors?  

Smartphone apps as a tool for stocking up 

Yes, a smartphone app can do that for you. Ordering and reordering automatically soft and hard products like pet food, litter boxes, other pet supplies are just a couple taps away. 

These are just five of the many things which 2020 will usher in for the US market. Which do you think will be best for your private label?  

Partner with us and find out how Addiction Foods Private Label can help you and your private label pet food reach its full potential. Start your journey now! 

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