China’s pet food industry grew at a rate of 6.3% in 2010 and jumped to 21% over 2017 (GfK & NBS Asia), compared to the US growth rate of 5% annually since 2002. With its 73.55 million pet owners across the country, China’s pet food sales were projected to grow by 27% in 2018, year-over-year.  


According to the Chinese Pet Industry White Paper 2018 published by Goumin, pet owners in China are expected to spend US$740m on pet food per pet in a year, pegging consumer spending for pets at US$24.9 billion by end-2018.



The Road Ahead 


Many local and international pet food companies are hounding on China’s exponentially growing pet food market, given the recent rise in pet ownership. Fast-paced urban living has led many Chinese to seek companionship from their pets, treating them as family, and have grown more willing to spend extra yuan on their dogs and cats.  


This seems to be great news for US manufacturers and distributors looking for new markets, since penetrating China early on means getting ahead of the pack.  


But given China’s recent policy changes for its pet food industry, getting into the market to begin with is going to be challenging for new players, unless you find an accredited distribution partner who has veritable experience in dealing locally with China’s pet food scape. 



Facing Challenges Head On 


To date, only 10% of foreign pet food manufacturers and distributors have compliant registration in China, which means manufacturers eyeing to break into the Chinese pet food market must partner with an accredited distributor, such as Addiction Foods Private Label, in order to get their pet food into Chinese stores and online platforms.  


Challenges await those planning to penetrate China’s growing consumer pet food base. For one, given China’s distinct culture, this poses nuances in the way business is conducted. Language is also a formidable barrier, making business transactions in China quite challenging.  


On top of these, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued updated policies regarding pet food manufacturing and distribution to China. 


To effectively market pet food in China, you will need 

  • registered service provider that can help you build strong and lasting business connections 
  • trusted source of raw materials that is allowed by China’s governing agencies 
  • team of seasoned experts to guide you on China’s business policies and registrations 
  • dependable market insider who can help you create persuasive and culturally-appropriate marketing strategies. 



Accessing China’s Pet Market Means Finding the Right Partner 


You need to team up with a partner who can help you to design, produce, pack and export premium quality pet food to China, and has a sound understanding of both Chinese culture and business acumen in this growing market.  


At Addiction Foods Private Label, we understand the challenges of keeping up with the growing consumer demands for the China pet food market.  


Combined with our leadership in the premium pet food landscape and our strong international linkages with China, partnering with us means we can help you to penetrate the Chinese pet food market with relative ease.  


We believe that all pets deserve highest quality food designed to nourish and to keep them healthy throughout their life.  


That’s why Addiction Foods makes it a point to pass on this principle to all our partners by being committed to the responsible production of all pet foods that meet China’s stringent industry guidelines and policies.  


Visit Addiction Foods Private Label at to find out how you can produce and distribute your own pet food brand in China through us.

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