This two-part series explores the challenges of entering the Chinese pet food market and how Addiction Foods Private label can help show you the way. 


To export pet food into China, the first important step is to understand the Chinese government policies and requirements from MOA, the Pet Food Administrative Agency & Regulations, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ). 

According to MOA, an overseas pet food manufacturer that imports pet compound feed and pet feed additive premix must designate one domestic agent to apply for import registration with MOA and obtain the registered license.  

Here are the registration guidelines and requirements to facilitate this: 


Registration guidelines 


  1. Feed or feed additives imported by a foreign enterprise for the first time must apply for product registration with MOA and can only be approved once the product is tested to be safe, effective, and non-polluting. 
  2. Register through a representative within the Mainland China on behalf of the foreign company. 
  3. Each product type should be registered, including the following: single feeds, feed additives, feed mixture additives, premixture, compound feed, concentrate feed, and concentrate supplement. 
  4. Imported feed and feed additives must be packaged with a Chinese label, complying with GB 10648-2013 ‘Feed Label’. 
  5. One certificate will be issued for each product under an enterprise, which is valid for five (5) years. 
  6. When importing products to China, including registered ones, those products must undergo inspection by the country’s import-export inspection and quarantine departments. 


Registration requirements 


  1. Application form for Registration of Import Feed or Feed Additives 
  2. Domestic agent business license 
  3. Power of Attorney 
  4. Production licenses from the origin country  including: a) Documents that prove the product and its ingredients can be used as feed or feed additive in the origin country; b) The applicant’s company registration certificate or feed manufacturing business registration; and c) Free sale certificate provided by official institutions from the origin country 
  5. Product physiochemical properties 
  6. Source of the product and composition 
  7. Manufacturing method 
  8. Product standard and test method 
  9. Labels used on the origin country and in China 
  10. Product function, range of application, and usage and dosage information 
  11. Packaging and storage instructions 



The Addiction Foods advantage 


Though some challenges are likely to be encountered, recent policy changes make breaking into this market nearly impossible for certain brands, particularly those from the U.S. – unless a strategic partnership is formed.  

Resourcing private label manufacturing is challenging as only 10% of foreign pet food manufacturers and distributors have MOA/AQSIQ compliant registrations.  

With other considerations like country of origin for ingredients and proteins, the list of manufacturers that can produce and export product to China are even more limited.  

However, due to free trade agreements, minimal regulations on New Zealand’s raw materials, and meeting MOA/AQSIQ regulations, Addiction Foods is the only premium dry food producer in the world that can export all protein sources to China.



As the leader in premium pet food production, there are more than one reason why you should consider Addiction Foods Private Label when producing and exporting your brand to China: 

  • GOVERNMENT-APPROVED. Addiction Foods Private Label is the only company that can send ALL proteins to China, compared to other companies that have limitations on what they can send.   
  • QUALITY CONTROL. At Addiction Foods, we use wild or free-range meats from New Zealand, which are not subject to growth hormones and steroids, but are instead raised in stress-free environments. This boosts our brands that prime access to China’s stringent pet food market. 
  • SOLID PARTNERSHIP. Addiction Foods guides partnered brands in every step of the way into the Chinese market. We offer customized manufacturing services ranging from research and development, to raw materials sourcing, all the way to packaging services and distribution to supermarket and retail chains in China.  



Combined with our leadership in the premium pet food landscape and our strong international linkages with China, partnering with us means we can help you to penetrate the Chinese pet food market with relative ease.  

Visit Addiction Foods Private Label at to find out how you can produce and distribute your own pet food brand in China through us. 

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