Many pet food brands have claimed that their products use human grade ingredients. But what is human grade? Simply put, human grade means the ingredient is edible enough to be eaten by humans. But that doesn’t mean it’s already healthy for pets to consume food that people can readily eat. For example, chocolates are bad for dogs but edible for us to eat and enjoy. 

Human grade according to AAFCO

The Association of American Food Control Officials or AAFCO has not officially defined human grade per se because it has “no definition in any animal food regulations.” But it has deferred to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) when it “defines products fit for human consumption to be officially ‘edible’.” Meaning, these products “have been processed, inspected, and passed manufacturing regulations that are designed to assure safety for consumption by humans” as outlined in USDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food. 

That said, while many edible foods can be enjoyed by humans, it doesn’t automatically mean that pets can enjoy them too. 

Bottom line

Human grade pet food employs standards that are used to regulate human food production. This means the making of the pet food undergoes a more rigid process than those applied to the usual pet food production.  

Bottom line is the finished product usually far exceeds the minimum requirements imposed by AAFCO and FDA, regardless if the pet food is human grade or not. It’s now up to the pet owners to see to it that they give their pets human grade pet food that is healthy and nutritious and beneficial to their pets’ overall wellbeing.  

Pet food according to your specs

Addiction foods can help you formulate the kind of human grade pet food you want to produce. Our specialists will walk you through every step of the way to create it according to your specifications. We offer an exceptional range of production capabilities, from over 200 raw ingredients to wild or free-range meats that are free from growth hormones and steroids. 

Learn more about how Addiction Foods can help you start your journey in the private label pet food industry. We might just prove to be the right partner for you. 

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