It’s a question you have surely entertained when you first thought of venturing into the private label pet food business. For sure, you love pets. You wouldn’t even think of getting into the pet food business if you don’t even like pets. But which pet will your private label pet food cater to?  

If you love cats… 

It makes sense that you’d go for cat food if you’re a cat person. Your experience with having them as pets is valuable and may count on how you want to formulate the recipe of your private label cat food. What’s more, you can be a living testimony of your own private label’s efficacy on cats. Let your love for cats fuel your passion for your private label pet food.  

A lot of promise  

You might have noticed how the dog food category has flourished over cat food. It seems that cat food was just an afterthought. Not anymore. One of the trends for pet food is the further premiumization of cat food[1]. So here is where you will need a reliable and dependable private label partner.  

According to, cat ownership globally has grown to nearly 6 percent since 2013, especially in countries like China and South Korea[2]. The report also said that there was a healthy growth in dry cat food (5.5 %), especially in cat treats (9 %)[3]. Globally, the growth of cat treats was robust, especially in the Asia-Pacific, which yielded a 23% rise from 2013-2018[4]. 

Who’s the purrfect private label partner?  

Mentioned earlier was the need to find a reliable and dependable private label pet food partner to address your needs and concern in coming up with a cat food. Due diligence on your part is needed to find such a partner. You need someone with a product range you can choose from. Someone whose services can cover your needs, from manufacturing services ranging from research and development, to nutritional consulting, from raw materials sourcing to product manufacturing, and more. That someone might just be Addiction Foods Private Label. We might just be the right partner for your private label cat food.  


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