Finding the right partner in any industry is a huge task, let alone search in a niche landscape like pet food production. Taking that extra step to discern whether a partner is right for your own company’s goals and deliverables is crucial in ensuring you reach the right markets and get the right results. 


Requisites of A Solid Partnership in Pet Food 


When looking for the right brand partner, especially in the pet nutrition production scape, it is wise to ensure that you get the most out of the partnership. To do this, you’ll need a partner who can guide you along the right path to maximizing your investments, while at the same time, opening new market segments for you to explore.



QUALITY. Look for a partner who is committed to using responsibly-sourced ingredients, while being the purest and freshest, with no artificial flavors, preservatives and hormones, to ensure that only the most premium of pet food is produced for your own brand.   

LOCATION. Your potential partner should have facilities housed in one of the cleanest places on Earth, ensuring that pet food production is at its most pristine form. This location needs to promote the highest standards of food safety, ensuring that your products are not only hygienic, but have passed health guidelines recognized globally. 

EXPERTISE. Rely on a partner who has both the experience and the reach to help you get into new and emerging markets, like China. This ensures that your own pet food gets the stamp of approval from local authorities and can be distributed without any legal constraints or implications.   


Addiction Foods Private Label: The Right Mix 


For nearly two decades, Addiction Foods has become the benchmark for the premium pet food production industry. It produces the finest-quality dry food and treats under private label with its free-range meats combined with organic produce, offering the ideal pantry of over 200 pure raw ingredients for partners to choose from. 

Addiction Foods’ private label service is the premier choice for brands pursuing global reach. Proudly family owned, its dedicated facility in New Zealand represents the very best in manufacturing standards.

Operating in the Western Bay of Plenty, Addiction Foods’ pet food production is a reflection of its pure source, producing a whopping 5 megatons of pet food a day.  

SERVICES. Whether you are looking to produce dry kibble or indulgent treats for cats and dogs, Addiction Foods offers a complete solution for your pet food production endeavors from customized manufacturing services ranging from research and development, to raw materials sourcing, product manufacturing, private labeling and packaging services to distribution for target markets’ supermarket and retail chains.  

What makes Addiction Foods stand out is its ability to service and export to the world’s fastest growing markets that very few competitors can, like China.  

RECIPE DEVELOPMENT. With access to its vast pantry of raw materials, partners are given a specialized team of food technologists and nutritionists to help develop their very own nutritionally balanced recipe, tailored to their own brand.  



Operating its own dedicated manufacturing facility in New Zealand, Addiction Foods Private Label follows a strict Code of Conduct that adheres to the highest standards for food safety.

Following a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program by New Zealand’s food and safety authorities, for Addiction Foods, product integrity and food safety have always been a top priority. 

 ONE STOP SHOP. With Addiction Foods’ new purpose-built hub that can store up to 1,300 pallets worth of pet food, its warehouse center has been designed to facilitate efficient packaging, shipment and full traceability so that partners can trust in a hassle-free experience from start to end, including all administrative aspects of regulatory processing, certification, and all necessary shipping documents for international orders.  

By partnering with Addiction Foods Private Label, partners are free to focus on the aspects of their business that truly matters: developing your brand and reaching out to new customers with your premium-grade pet food produced through us. 

As one of only a handful of countries that can export beef and lamb to territories like China and Russia, Addiction Foods has verifiable international reach that have helped many of its partners extend their businesses worldwide. 

Whether you are looking to produce and/or distribute your brand using our extensive international networks, trust Addiction Foods Private Label to keep its continued commitment of going to the ends of the earth for your customers and their pets. 


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