Valued at more than US $ 2.11 billion in 2018 with an expected annual growth rate of 9.7%[1], China’s pet food market is an irresistible sector to get your OEM product into. But how does one get into the China market? Is there easy access to China for your private label?

What makes China irresistible

China has a growing population of pet owners. Pet ownership is at 27.4 million dogs and 58.1 million cats. It is expected that pet ownership in China will increase robustly in the coming years. It is no wonder that the growth of China’s pet food market is projected to reach 9% on average, with premium pet food expected to grow at 10% for cat food, and 13% for dog food [2].

Such an opportunity has been accessible to New Zealand, the first developed country which China has signed a free trade agreement with. It is New Zealand’s biggest export market for food and beverages (mainly dairy products) with 22.4% of exports in 2017 alone[3]. And with the growing pet ownership in China, the potential of your own premium OEM brand to succeed is there.

New Zealand is the way to go

Blessed by nature, New Zealand is the best place to source pet food. Aside from having a disease-free status when it comes to its free-range meats and organic produce, it also has one of the world’s highest food safety standards. This combination ensures that your own pet food brand is as premium as it gets.

New Zealand’s free trade agreement with China presented an opportunity for pet food manufacturers to grow their brands. Having an OEM manufacturer from NZ as your partner will make it easy for your own brand to easily penetrate the China market.

What Addiction Private Label offers

Addiction Private Label is New Zealand’s largest dry food manufacturer and the world’s only dry food manufacturer accredited to export all proteins (lamb, beef, chicken, duck, venison, salmon, kangaroo) to China.

We partner with you to formulate, produce, pack, and export premium-quality pet food to the world’s fastest-growing markets. Our team of experts, from account management to our research and development, will walk you through every step of the way to create your ideal recipe.

Addiction’s plant is the most technologically advanced and largest dry pet food manufacturing facility in New Zealand. We only use state-of-the-art equipment that can deliver grain-free, all-natural dog and cat foods with the industry’s highest levels of fresh meat.

Take advantage of New Zealand’s access to China. Partner with us and find out how Addiction Private Label can help you and your private label brand reach its full potential. Start your journey now!

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