The Asia-Pacific registered a higher annual sales growth rate than any other region with China at the forefront. While enterprising companies are eyeing to get into China, why not set your sights on other APAC nations for your pet food brand? 

Emerging and established markets in APAC 

One of the drivers of pet market growth is the pet population. This has a major impact that can be seen in the sales of pet food. As ranked by Euromonitor International, the emerging market for dog and cat food as of 2016 are China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These emerging markets will drive growth in the region.  

Established markets like South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan are expected to drive innovation for the pet food market. These innovations will impact on quality, ingredients, health, and wellness of pets. Emerging markets are likely to follow the innovations that will be initiated by these established markets.  

What the emerging markets are into 

China market is at the point where there is a rapid increase in the demand for high-quality pet food. This is due to the fact that many perceive that local Chinese pet food is because of past recalls. In India, the market is predisposed to dry pet food for dogs and wet pet food for cats.  

In Vietnam, where there’s still a large population having dogs and cats on the menu despite being discouraged by its government, pet humanization is on the rise. You can see why Mars Pet Care, Royal Canin, Perfect Companion Vietnam, Invivo. There are other brands that have limited distribution, too. Check out a Mordor Intelligence report on Vietnam’s pet food market.

Bangkok Post has reported that Thailand’s pet market grows at 10% annually, “driven by young people preferring to stay single or marry without having kids.” With the growing number of millennials keeping pets for companions, pet food and other pet services have begun thriving in Thailand. There’s your growing market for your OEM premium pet food brand. 

Indonesia has more cats than dogs. This is dictated culturally as owning a dog is considered taboo in many of its Muslim populations. That being said, cat food might just be the right private label product for you. On the other hand, it is estimated that there are around 11.6 million dogs in the Philippines, making the country no. 1 in terms of dog ownership in East Asia. The Philippine pet food industry is projected to grow at 10%. noted in its report that the Philippine market is highly cost-conscious and on the lookout for “economical yet quality dry food.” 

Doors of opportunities 

With these opportunities, your OEM premium brand may just find a home in any of these Asia Pacific nations. Why not check out the best OEM partner there is? One that can help you get your OEM brand in the market you intend to get into.  

If you intend to get into China, you can partner with Addiction Private Label. It is New Zealand’s largest dry food manufacturer and the world’s only manufacturer accredited to export all proteins (lamb, beef, chicken, duck, venison, salmon, kangaroo) to China. We can also export to other parts of the world.  

Partner with us and learn more about how Addiction Private Label can help you and your brand break into the Asia Pacific market. Start your journey now! 

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